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The Lake Area Fun Flyers Squadron (LAFFS) was started in 1988 by three men who had been flying control line and radio controlled airplanes for many years. After several meetings, and a search for a proper flying site, Gene Hatfield, Les Holmuth and Dick Turpin applied to the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). The club became official in 1989 with the certification of number 3805.

The LAFFS flying field is located in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. We have been granted use of a sixty-acre parcel of land owned by the city of Fairfield Bay.

Our well maintained grass landing strip is 700 feet long with safety barriers on each side to protect both pilots and spectators. A complete trainer plane unit is kept on site to facilitate getting potential members “in the air” as soon as possible. Instructor Robert Haynes is always willing and ready to hook any new member or interested person up to the Buddy Box system to insure a safe and successful experience.
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LAFFS’ number one goal is to help the hobby of radio controlled airplane flying grow by encouraging participation. We especially reach out to the younger generation as shown on our past events and photo album pages. Both genders and all ages are welcome.
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